Flatbush Zombies – Headstone: An Homage to Hip-Hop

“We’re really paying homage to all those people in the past.. we wouldn’t have had any of these ideas if it wasn’t for any of those people”- Meechy Darko
old school hip hop
The influence of Hip-Hop in the mainstream is unrivaled, the expressiveness, intensity and culture defining nature of this movement must be respected by insiders and outsiders alike. ‘Headstone’ by Flatbush Zombies stands as a timely embrace of this legacy.
flatbush-zombies.jpgDuring an interview with Genius, Meechy- Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliott speak on the inspiration behind their masterful celebration of Hip-Hop through their track ‘Headstone’. In this interview, Meechy- Darko states that “People don’t care about the past like at all really. I think that’s why the song is cool because were paying homage… We’re really just doing lyrical exercises which is what Hip-Hop is about”
The energy of their intertextual exploration is highlighted in these four moments;
“I’m feelin’ Infamous, Immortal with my Technique, a¬†Revolutionary shinin’ with diamond teeth”
“Only God Can Judge Me slippin’, I’m infinitely Big Pimpin'”
“I’m livin’ how I wanna, no Reasonable Doubt, it’s clear to see, All Eyez on Me, 400 Degreez”
“They say Jesus Walks and the Devil wear Prada, but I’m So, So Def, God can’t tell me nothing”
Because mumble rap just won’t do.